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The WAY is a nonprofit outreach that helps people, families, and communities see the un-seeable negative situations in their lives and the lives of their future generations. There are times when people go through divorce, drug & alcohol abuse, infidelity, etc. and they cannot see how any good could ever come their way. They continue their current lifestyle repeatedly and eventually it becomes a way of life for them and for their future generations. People become a product of the environment they are raised in. Some come from broken homes and experience divorce, alcohol and drug abuse, physical abuse, financial stress, and more by their parents, grandparents or the most influential person in their lives. Each individual tends to repeat these behaviors. They learn that when things become hard and tough divorce or avoiding the situation is the answer. Some learn to escape reality by turning to alcohol, drugs, porn, or some type of addiction. The goal of the WAY is to help others see the effects of negative situations. The WAY wants to work with individuals to lead them out of these negative situations that could potential hurt them, their family, and their future generations. 3 questions are asked to help us see who the person is, where they have been and when are they going to be ready to change their life. 1) Who Are You? 2) Where Are You? 3) When Are You? Our Motto is "Change the person, change their family and their future family"

Hunger & Homelessness
Sandston, VA, 23150

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