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HandsOn offers different engagement options for companies depending on your group size and budget. We can point you to our existing projects or suggest nonprofits to contact that work with groups and match your project goals. Our options are efficient and meaningful ways for you to provide team-building for employees and the opportunity to support Richmond's nonprofit community.

Engagement Options

Option #1: All group sizes

Featured DIY, can be done anywhere. You sign up online, gather your group at any location to complete the project, are responsible for any supplies and drop off the completed items to our office. There's a new one each month.

Option #2: Group sizes 25 or smaller

Access hundreds of done-in-a-day volunteer slots on our Opportunity Calendar at no cost to you. Find a project that fits the size of your group, then:

(1) Share the link to the project you like with your coworkers and have everyone create accounts with the site and sign-up individually OR
(2) Create a team and choose which members you'll bring with you to each project and sign up for everyone at once.
Most of the time, projects won't be large enough for groups larger than 25, so you may need to break your group up.

You can also search through all the opportunities on our site, some of which may ask for regular or longer term committment.

Remember--if you sign up, the completion of these projects is contingent on your attendance. You can search for opportunities with specific nonprofit partners or narrow by focus areas.

Option #3: Consultation

Contact us at to schedule a meeting to discuss your project requirements and goals.  We will offer sugestions and give you a list of nonprofits to contact.