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Organization Information
Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of childbearing families through fitness, education, social support and community engagement.
Nurture envisions a world where all families are supported through the journey of pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Where there is easy and affordable access to trusted support, educational services and community resources so parents raise healthy, secure children in a strong and connected community.
Summary of Programs:
Public Awareness Campaigns for Breastfeeding
Annual Birth & Baby Fair
Skills Training for Care Providers who work with pregnant and postpartum families 
Year Founded: 2012
Current budget range: Under $250,000
Funding sources:
Individual Donations
Professional Development Workshops
Fundraising Events
Total Paid Staff: 2 part-time
Total Volunteers: 30 - 50
Specific Board Needs
Position Type: At Large/General Board Member
Position Title: Board Member
Current Board Size: 6
Maximum Board Size: 21
New Terms Start In: Rolling (Can begin any time during the year)
Candidate qualifications sought
Knowledge, skills and industry experience: Nurture board members are a community of people committed to creating a birth and early parenting environment that gives childbearing families the strongest start into parenthood.  They know that whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.   They are creative, curious, collaborative, and courageous.  They like to have fun and aren’t afraid to take calculated risks.  They are willing own their mistakes and grow from lessons learned.  They know it takes a village to raise healthy, happy children, and they want to be contributing members of that village.  Board members commit to a three-year term and meet once a month, with the expectation that they also serve on one of Nurture’s teams.

This board member has a passion for and experience in developing emerging not-for-profits.  This member loves to share Nurture’s story and build strategic community partnerships.  This person can lead the charge in friend-raising, fundraising, and fostering his/her network of community connections to accomplish Nurture’s mission.  He/she puts the “fun” in fundraising with innovation, cheerleading and accountability.  The Development board member will support the existing Development team. 

This board member can take a lofty concept and turn it into a beautiful result.  His/her strengths lie in production, project management, promotion, and the ability to connect the dots for others.  He/she loves to tell who we are and where we are going.  This member is a great communicator, problem solver, and can effectively plan and delegate to ensure Nurture’s goals are carried through to completion.  The Marketing board member will facilitate the Marketing team.

This board member loves numbers and spreadsheets; he/she can inspire others to view budgets as possibilities and can appreciate risk-taking within mission.  As an emerging not-for-profit, Nurture seeks a CPA or someone with accounting/finance experience who can help systematize our financials from the ground up.  The Finance board member will facilitate the new Finance team.

Strategic Planning:
This board member is a visionary translator who loves to “get their hands dirty” while shaping the future.  He/she has a passion for synthesizing and communicating ideas, building something new, and breaking complex plans into achievable steps.  This person will put his/her strategic planning experience to work helping Nurture’s board and teams turn goals into reality.  The Strategic Planning board member will facilitate the new Strategic Planning team.
Values and Interests: We value personal and community service, teamwork and interdependence, reverence for the innate integrity of pregnancy and birth, respect for oneself and others, clear and honest communication, and a commitment to life-enhancing change and growth.
Committee Information
Current Committees:

Team members love to share Nurture’s story and build strategic community partnerships.  They can support efforts in friend-raising, fundraising, and fostering their networks of community connections to accomplish Nurture’s mission.  They put the “fun” in fundraising with innovation, cheerleading and diligent follow-through.  Grant writing experience is especially needed as Nurture grows.  New members will join an existing team of 3-5 members.

Team members’ strengths lie in production, promotion, and advertising.  They are able to clearly articulate who we are and where we are going.  Members are excellent communicators, problem solvers, understand brand development, and have an eye for beauty.  They are passionate about jumping in and making things happen for causes they care about.  New members will join an existing team of 3-5 members.

These bean counters love numbers and spreadsheets; these team members are enthusiastic about working at the grassroots level to build something new and necessary.  As an emerging not-for-profit, Nurture seeks CPAs or others with accounting/finance experience who can help systematize our financials from the ground up.  Members will help launch a new 3-5 member Finance team.

Strategic Planning:
Team members excel at planning and acting with the big picture in mind.  They love to “get their hands dirty” while turning goals into reality.  These members can break complex plans into achievable steps as well as create clear visuals to communicate goals.  Members will help launch a new 3-5 member Strategic Planning team.
Participation Requirements: We ask every Board member to serve on at least one committee.
Current and Upcoming Projects
We are currently focusing on our strategic plan. One of the goals of that plan is to have a bricks-and-mortar facility so that we can offer more programs and reach a wider audience. In order to reach that goal, we will likely hold a capital campaign sometime in the not-too-distant future.
Time Commitment
Term Limits: 3 year terms with unlimited renewals (subject to re-election).
Meeting Frequency: once a month
Additional time commitment: Committee meetings are also usually once a month. Additional time committment for volunteer tasks on your own time or volunteering at an event.
Fundraising Expectations
Personal Giving Expectations: Each board member is expected to contribute financially to the organization. This can be a combination of personal donations, soliciting individual or corporate donations, applying for grants, or chairing/organizing an event that raises funds.
Event Expectations: We encourage board members to volunteer at various events throughout the year, including participation in the Amazing Raise and helping out at our annual professional development workshop in the fall.              
Application Process
Please Express Interest using the button below.  Prospective members will meet with the board in a casual "getting to know you setting." If the prospective member is a good fit, the President and Executive Director will meet with the person one-on-one to go over roles and commitments. If the person is interested, able to meet the board commitments, and fits one of the needs of the board at the time, then the board may vote to elect at either the annual meeting or a regular or special meeting if the person is to fill a vacancy.
Orientation and Training Provided

New board members will attend an information and orientation session shortly after they are elected. All policies and procedures will be reviewed at this session. The board holds yearly (and sometime bi-yearly) board retreats which includes a training component. In addition, there are many opportunities for training and learning from the Nonprofit Learning Point and the Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence, for example. 

The opportunity date and time you are looking for is no longer available.
Volunteers Needed
Health & Wellness

Age Minimum (with Adult): 18+, Minimum Age:18+

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