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Circles RVA empowers families to permanently move out of poverty and thrive. We create intentional relationships that epand support networks and engage the wider community to reduce or eliminate the systemic barriers that hinder people from rising out of poverty. 

Circles creates intentional relationships across socio-economic lines, bringing together two groups of people:

CIRCLE LEADERS: Circle Leaders are strong, mitivated individuals who are ready, willing and able to move out of poverty with social support.

ALLIES: Allies are volunteers who make an intentional commitment to build a relationship with a Circle Leader, serving as both a cheerleader and ccountability partner. 

Circles RVA provides the social network, financial tools and emotional encouragement that activate Circle Leaders' economic growth. This is a process, not about managing poverty, but about breaking the cycle of poverty.


Civic & Community
Families, Low-income Communities
Richmond, Virginia, 23260

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