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Saving Our Youth VA

At Saving Our Youth, VA we are fully committed in raising the consciousness and skill set of the economical and socially challenged youth. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive set of services for the youth ages 14-through 22 to assist youth with their higher education needs though skills coaching and academic assistance. Our goal is to help these youth graduate at the level they need in order to handle college classes or other education sources for the fields they are interested in and create leaders in modality that fosters personal growth and consciousness, gets results, give them structures that can serve them for life, and we want it to be fun too. Simply put, our youth are our future and we don’t want our youth from the lower resource areas to be left behind because of poorer educational opportunities and negative environment temptations. To achieve our vision, we commit to helping in the following areas: -Truancy -Runaways -Higher education -Drug prevention -Gang deterrence -Teen parenting -Alternative sentencing

Children & Youth Education
Low-income Communities
Richmond, VA, 23222

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