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Organization Profile

Urban Hope is a 501(c)(3) community development corporation committed to the social, economic and spiritual health of Metro Richmond. The primary focus of Urban Hope is to partner with families who seek affordable rental housing and/or home ownership. The support Urban Hope provides to renters and future home owners comes through collaborations with caring community residents, local churches, and local organizations interested in such work. Urban Hope oversees the rental and homeownership processes from beginning to end. Staff and volunteers supervise the construction and renovation of affordable housing, provide financial counseling, and support qualifying families as they develop an ownership stake in their community. Practical, emotional, and spiritual support is provided through Family Sponsors – who play an integral role in the Urban Hope model. Urban Hope is working in the geographic area of Church Hill. By supporting families through affordable rental housing and the homeownership process, communities of distress are transformed into environments where families can thrive.

Faith-Based Service
Low-income Communities

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